Expert software for the design, drawing production & documentation of reinforced concrete structures


Fespa IS is a 3D structural analysis and design software specifically developed for the Indian market by LH Logismiki, with full implementation of Indian Standards. Fespa IS covers all phases of a structural design project from the structural analysis to the production of a fully integrated construction documentation and series of drawings. After the completion of all calculations structural drawings for each floor are automatically created, automatic and consistent column and beam details are also derived.

In few words Fespa IS structural software, is a modern-day product linked to the pursuit of quality production, meeting in full the customers” requirements and expectations. Fespa IS is being developed through the continuous collaboration of a highly skilled personnel and academic consulting team. Before the release of a new version of Fespa IS, a wide range of test methods are thoroughly carried out by professionals.

FESPA IS is an indispensable tool, covering the needs of every day civil engineer. 



FESPA IS: Introductory video



The main aim of Fespa IS is to improve the productivity of consulting organisations by


  • Fast & Most user friendly GUI
  • Least inputs from user for Earthquake analysis
  • Automatic load combinations
  • Strict adherence of Earthquake codes in design
  • Detailed earthquake calculation reports.
  • Design of slabs without FEA modelling
  • Foundations modelling as per EQ code recommendations
  • Detailing for Slabs, Beams, Columns & Foundations
  • Comprehensive and ready to submit design reports
  • Includes detailed concrete & steel estimates